About GÜHH

gue ueber guehh 500pxOur history

Güterkraftverkehr Hamburg Holstein GmbH was founded in April 1962 as a subsidiary of AKN railway AG and managed by this company until 2009. Even at that time GÜHH was responsible for distributing goods from all over Germany to the Northern German states.

In 2009 AKN sold the traditional enterprise GÜHH to Ingo Kock. This move led to the service spectrum being expanded. Along with the classic, North South transports within Germany, GÜHH today also provides its services for international destinations - worldwide.

In the meantime GÜHH has become more than just a forwarder. It is a company that offers logistics services at the highest level.

Additionally, the take-over of the Strey shipping company in 2011 led to an old partner company joining the ranks of the upcoming shipping company.