Only the best for our customers

They should be satisfied

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. It is the benchmark for the quality of the service. Only processes which meet demands and which are safe lead to a good result. This applies to individual projects just as much as to global procurement and distribution concepts.

We improve continuously

Constant innovation and market adaptation as well as the regular training and further training of our employees in matters of work and safety are guarantees for constantly high standards. Ultimately success is always based on the know-how of each individual employee. Their experience is our capital.

We are responsible for the environment

Environmental protection counts among the core competences of GÜHH. Aware of this responsibility, we develop ecologically compatible and trend setting logistic solutions.

We are aware of the risks

Trained personnel on the one hand, perfect engineering, maintenance and servicing of the fleet on the other hand: these components help us to guarantee safety, even with classified goods.